Pool Surrounds

Decorative Concrete has grown in popularity and has become the standard when it comes to pool deck design and pool surround makeovers. Your pool will be the focal point of your yard, the entertainment centre for family and friends for many years to come. You have to do it right from day one.

When considering a swimming pool for your home, the pool paving and pool surrounds are an integral part of the overall appearance.

For a new pool construction project, a wide variety of finishes can be applied to the surface of the setting concrete to create a finish that will blend with your other outdoor living spaces and home.

Let T & T O'Breza Concreting help you choose a finish for your pool surround. Stamped pattern concrete, exposed aggregate or coloured concrete will enhance any pool surround. By making the right decision for your pool surround you will set your home apart from others in your street. It will add value and enhance your property.

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