Concrete slabs are among the most common foundations used in the construction of houses and buildings. Several benefits can be derived from the use of concrete slabs. Solid concrete slabs make foundations strong and durable. They can withstand wear and tear along with heavy weights.

Concrete slabs are extremely versatile. Different designs and patterns can be applied, and the slabs can be made to look like natural stone or may be applied with colour for a more appealing look.

At OBreza Concreting we will take into consideration your lifestyle and special needs, when constructing your slab.

Concrete slabs are reinforced with crushed gravel and wire mesh. The crushed gravel is used to improve drainage while the wire mesh is used to reduce the chance of concrete cracking. Different concrete strengths are also used depending on what the slab is to be used for. I.e. extra parking for your vehicle, boat or caravan or adding an extension to your home, garage or patio area.

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